Buffer Zone Destruction LKW 2009

There are a few bills under consideration in both North and South Carolina that would negatively impact water quality in the Catawba-Wateree River Basin. Let your representatives know that healthy waterways are important to you! See the summary below from Riverkeeper Sam Perkins.

South Carolina


We need South Carolina citizens to contact their elected officials over a bad bill (S105) currently being considered in the House of Representatives. The bill would restrict the ability of citizens to challenge permits, allowing potentially damaging work to proceed without a fully approved, vetted permit.

When someone seeks a permit for a project with environmental impacts, which need to have a plan for mitigation. South Carolina regulatory agencies issue these permits, but sometimes, the permits do not truly protect the environment and mitigate damage. In these cases, citizens can contest a permit in the Administrative Law Court. When this happens, an “automatic stay” pauses work while the court reviews the concerns. S105 would remove that pause after 30 days, at which point potentially damaging, irreversible harm could occur. This is the most critical piece of environmental legislation in the South Carolina legislature right now. Let’s ensure that we don’t do irreparable harm!

North Carolina


This bill has a lot of bad provisions. It’s worst targets the Catawba and would remove the 50-foot buffer. Riparian buffers are critical to stabilizing banks, filtering out nutrients and contaminants, providing habitat, shading water to keep it cool, and preserving the natural river and its banks. If anything, we need the 50-foot buffer not just on the main stem but on all tributaries! Let your senator know you want to see this language removed!


This bill would allow landfills to take their leachate and aerosolize it – spray it into the air under the thought that water would evaporate and contaminants would rain back down on the landfill. When asked for scientific study proving safety, proponents have not provided it. Spraying contaminants into the air is exactly how mercury blew into this basin, fell out with rain, and led to mercury contamination of fish. This is a very dangerous way to handle a wide array of pollutants that accumulate at a landfill. Let your House Representative know you oppose this ludicrous method of waste disposal!

Find contact information for Senators here: http://catawba.maps.arcgis.com/apps/InformationLookup/index.html?appid=84e138d94f8b4aabb905ae19742b594f

Find contact information for Representatives here: http://catawba.maps.arcgis.com/apps/InformationLookup/index.html?appid=107952f091c6479fb9d77f08cb6afaf9

Buffer violation

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