Ploggers keep 425 lbs of trash from our waterways!

On Wednesday, June 20, the Young Allies of the River (YAR) teamed up with the NoDa Brewing Run Club for a night of plogging.

What’s plogging?

It’s the Swedish fitness craze that combines jogging with picking up litter.

Runners get to diversify their workouts. Our neighborhoods get cleaned up. It’s a win for everyone!

In total, ploggers collected 425 pounds of trash! That’s lots of plastic, styrofoam, bottles, and cans that won’t end up in our waterways. The group even got two tires!

Big thanks to everyone who came out for a fun night of plogging!

The summer heat and the rain delay wasn’t enough to stop these ploggers from collecting 452 pounds of trash!

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