River Week Brewery Cleanup

D9 Brewing Company
Legal Remedy Brewing
Hyde Brewing

Each year we invite River Week participants to join us in a cleanup in the Charlotte area. Every year we get different breweries, cideries and distilleries to join us. In the past we’ve had Triple C, Red Clay, Catawba Brewing, Wooden Robot, NoDa Brewing, and more!

This year we were joined by Legal Remedy, D9, and Hyde Brewing and they killed it! D9 and Legal Remedy have participated in the past, and we were so excited to have Hyde Brewing out for their first cleanup. The three breweries worked for two hours in Little Sugar Creek and the surrounding greenway and pulled out over 725 pounds of trash from our local waterway! The past three years of River Week cleanups have removed over 2,800 pounds of trash from our CLT creeks and streams!










To put this into perspective – Little Sugar Creek flows into Sugar Creek which flows directly into the Catawba River. The Catawba River eventually makes its way into the Atlantic Ocean (after changing names a couple times) near Charleston, SC. All the trash that we remove from our local waterways makes a positive impact way beyond the borders of our Queen City. We truly appreciate the effort all the River Week participants put into this week, and we want to thank the breweries who took time from their day off to make a significant difference in our water quality.


Photo Credit this row: Casey Atwell, D9












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