Written by Monika Dammann, Marketing & Development Intern

On Wednesday, June 19, the Catawba Riverkeeper Foundation teamed up with the Resident Culture Run Club for a night of plogging in the Plaza Midwood neighborhood.

What’s “plogging,”  you ask?

It started as a Swedish fitness craze that combines jogging with picking up litter ( “plocka upp”  translates to “pick up”).  Following the growing concerns of pollution in our waterways, “plogging” took off as an international trend incentivizing runners to pick up trash along their routes.

As a workout, plogging provides variation in body movements by adding bending, squatting and stretching to the main action of running.  So, runners get to diversify their workouts and our neighborhoods get cleaned up.  It’s a win for everyone!

Big thanks to everyone who came out for a fun night of plogging!

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