Nala Faulkner – Riverkeeper Intern 

Nala is currently studying biology at University of South Carolina Columbia. Along with her love of drawing Nala is a skilled teammate in the lab. She plans to use her passion for animals in one Catawba Riverkeeper project where she will study the pollution effects from industrial animal farms. Nala hopes that studies of these sites will lead to better river pollution prevention and better treatment of the animals themselves. 

Matthew “Worth” Honeycutt – Riverkeeper Intern

Matthew Honeycutt, who goes by Worth, is a second-generation North Carolinian. Born in Tarboro, NC, Worth grew up on Lake Norman and graduated from Clemson University in spring of 2020 with a degree in Environmental and Natural Resources with a concentration in Conservation Biology. His four months studying biodiversity, sustainability, and human impacts on the environment in Costa Rica will be of enormous help at the Catawba Riverkeeper Foundation. Worth will be interning with our riverkeeper Brandon Jones and participating in field work and lab testing. He is most excited to learn more about the river and map out the vulnerable areas of pollution to better inform the community. 

Ryan Church – Education Intern

Ryan Church will be working with Catawba Riverkeeper’s educational program with Haley Tedder and interning with Wayne from the weekly video series, “On the Water with Wayne.” Ryan is currently studying Biology at the University of South Carolina. He is on a mission to answer the question of why litter appears in some streams more than others. He will be mapping out the various creeks for further research.  

Morgan Long – Education Intern

Morgan Long is a recent graduate from University of North Carolina with a degree in Earth and Environmental Sciences. She will be working with Haley Tedder as an Educational Intern and she comes with plenty of experience. For the past two years she, and her traveling guinea pig companion, have been in New England teaching outdoor educational programs. As such, Morgan is most looking forward to Catawba Riverkeeper’s newest project Camp-in-a-box. Although it has been an unusual summer, Morgan believes, “The boxes will be a great way for students to experience their favorite camp activities, interact with nature through science, and get to share it with their families; all from the comfort of their homes!”

Anais Hawkins – Social Media Intern

Anais “Ana” Hawkins is studying creative writing and professional writing at Queens University. She will be working with Diana Daniels as the Social Media Intern. As a published author she plans to use her story-teller skills to tell all that Catawba Riverkeeper Foundation has to offer and invite the public to join us. She is most excited to work on Catawba Riverkeeper’s “On the Water with Wayne” video series and promote the newest Camp-in-a-box program. 

Abbey Lee – Development Intern

Abbey, named after the Beatles Album, attends University of North Carolina at Charlotte Master of Anthropology program.  She will be working as the Development Intern with John Searby, Diana Daniels and Michael Lindsey. Abbey has been working for non-profits for the last 12 years and is currently a graduate assistant at UNCC. She is most excited about working with Catawba Riverkeeper’sYoung Allies of the River (YAR) program and meeting more people in Charlotte. 

Kylie Litaker – Swim Guide

Kylie is double-majoring in Environmental Studies and Interdisciplinary Arts with a minor in Chinese. Her last two years have revolved around the marine ecosystem in Florida. Kylie will be the local Swim Guide Intern under the direction of Claire Atkins-Davis and Brandon Jones. Kylie has big plans to bring composting to the office, a small task that reaps huge benefits. She will be also filming a documentary about the Catawba Riverkeeper’s mission to create a safer environment for human and creature alike.

Lauren Kirby – Lower Basin Intern

Lauren Kirby is a University of South Carolina – Lancaster student working towards her Agri-Business Management degree so that she can own and operate a local organic sustainable farm.  Lauren is excited to be the Lower Basin Intern because she wants to learn more about the realities of the Catawba River and how she can bring her skills and community relations to help maintain its health and our community’s health. Lauren says, “I have always wanted to be part of an environmental non-profit organization and I am thrilled to have this opportunity to play a role in preserving the Catawba River.”