A confluence of random events involving winter bicycling, geocaching, and kayaking led Robert Smith to meet Gregory Nance at the confluence of Reedy Creek and Rocky River, and get more involved with Catawba Riverkeeper (and Yadkin Riverkeeper) activities, and the Litter Gitter project. Smith also knows about the Charlotte Robotic Waste Removal Initiative on Meetup, and looks forward to buying a robot for the Litter Gitter cleanup crew. He is not holding his breath, but he IS interested in a litter mapping app for smartphones, similar to the UK’s CCTV LitterCam, and mobile like OpenStreetCam, where Smith won a free dash-camera. Previous local volunteer and political activities include organizing zoning changes; opposing “giant batteries” and polygraphs; member of a local public radio station community board; and Free/Libre software supporter.

Smith, who usually goes by Bob, is a retired nuclear engineer who is always looking for excuses to get out of the house and into the water. On the water he prefers to be called Robert, not Bob, Bobby or bobber, because he is self-conscious about tipping boats over in nearly flat water. Other active hobbies include hiking, camping, and IDPA-style target shooting. Sedentary hobbies include “de-Googling” and modifying his smartphones, and using GNU/Linux on small and old computers. He is nearly vegan, except for happy chicken eggs and occasional cheese, and he gardens for food and relaxation. You will not find him on social media – he tried it, but did not like it. He does return phone messages. His four adult children have obtained degrees in EE, MBA, and MD (2). Smith wishes he was more artistic, but his wife is an avid quilter, so his home is full of beautiful quilts and fabrics, which they both enjoy.

Thank you, Mr. Smith for all that you do to help keep the Catawba River and local streams clean!