This fall, Catawba Riverkeeper partnered with AvidXchange to provide a program on Single-Use Plastics at Walter G. Byers School.

Once a week for five weeks volunteers from AvidXchange joined an educator from Catawba Riverkeeper in the classroom to teach 7th grade students the importance of reducing our plastic use. Each week a new lesson with an interactive activity was taught to develop the connection between personal plastic usage and the role we each play in affecting our environment.

Topics included:

  • a litter clean-up at the school;
  • a personal tally of what plastic items each student used over a week’s time;
  • microplastic viewing with microscopes;
  • how to properly recycle;
  • and information about plastics and our environment.

Here is an example of one of the five lessons:

The program concluded with a final review activity based on what the students had learned the previous weeks.

Thanks to AvidXchange providing metal re-usable water bottles we were able to supply students with not only the ideas and concepts to become stewards of their local communities, but a physical reminder that we have choices to make every day that affect the world. By choosing to trade in single-use items for re-usable ones, we are choosing to make the world a better place.

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