Catawba Riverkeeper created interactive, online maps to help you explore the Catawba-Wateree River basin.

Ever wonder “What’s the name of that creek? Where is our drinking water withdrawn? Where are permitted discharges? Who are my state legislators?”

With Catawba Riverkeeper’s Basin Explorer Map you can find out these things and more by turning on/off different map layers! Click on the titles below to get started.

Basin Explorer

Sponsor a Watershed Map

Did you know that the Catawba-Wateree spans more than 5,000 square miles? Within our basin, there are 164 sub-watersheds. That’s a lot of area to keep our eyes on.

You can help us get the job done by sponsoring a watershed for $250.

Sponsoring a watershed provides the resources that Catawba Riverkeeper needs to monitor our waterways, collect relevant data, and report pollution to the proper authorities.

Click image to access the interactive Sponsor a Watershed Map.

Swim Guide Map

Catawba Riverkeeper tests popular swimming areas for E. coli each week from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Click on the above image to see the latest results.

You can bookmark for easy access.

Results are also available in the Catawba Riverkeeper app, the Swim Guide app, and on Catawba Riverkeeper’s Facebook and Instagram pages every Friday during the summer.

Swim Guide Story Map

Learn more about the Swim Guide program and how you can be involved as a volunteer or intern. Explore the story map below.

PRO TIP: Open the above Story Map in a new tab by clicking the icon in the bottom right corner.