You can take action to improve the Catawba River, local lakes, and streams.


Catawba Riverkeeper organizes small group stream cleanups throughout the year. Most often, these cleanups take place in local creeks. However, Catawba Riverkeeper also hosts small lake and river cleanups.

Learn more about cleanups here.

To request a cleanup for your group, email


On the first Saturday of October, Catawba Riverkeeper hosts a basin-wide cleanup event, called Catawba Riversweep. This tradition is based on the Lake Wylie Riversweep model, first started in 2003.

Volunteers sign up to clean up trash for a few hours at the site of their choice. In 2020, Catawba Riverkeeper and partners hosted 41 sites throughout the Catawba-Wateree River Basin. Nearly 1,400 volunteers participated, cleaning up an estimated 61,588 pounds of trash.

Learn more at Registration opens in August.

Citizen Science

The Catawba-Wateree River Basin spans 5,600 square miles touching 26 counties in 2 states. That’s a lot to keep an eye on, especially when government agencies are often under resourced.

You can protect our waterways by helping the Riverkeeper collect data, monitor water quality, conduct research, and advocate for the River’s health.

Catawba Riverkeeper’s Citizen Science programs include:

  • Water Watchers
  • Invasive Species Team
  • South Fork Survey
  • Swim Guide

Report a Concern

If you see something, say something. Tell the Riverkeeper when you see something negatively impacting water quality. The Riverkeeper can investigate and report the issue to authorities and enforcement agencies as necessary. Use the online form or our app to report a concern.