The Catawba Riverkeeper Foundation accepts donations of all types of boats – pontoons, fishing boats, skiff boats, cabin cruisers, sailboats, houseboats, ski boats, kayaks, canoes, stand up paddle boards, and jon boats. We accept boats with or without titles as well as trailers and other boating equipment.

Depending on the type of vessel and condition of the vessel, the Foundation will either keep the boat for the organization’s program and monitoring needs OR sell the boats to generate revenue for the ongoing expenses of the organization.

Our volunteer crew of boat captains inspect the boats and determine what repairs, if any, are necessary, and make a determination of whether or not we can accept the boat.

Donors receive a gift credit for the fair market value of the boat in its current condition if we accept the donation.

If you would like us to take a look at your boat and see if it is something we’d be interested in taking as a donation, please complete the form below and someone from Catawba Riverkeeper Foundation will contact you.