Catawba Riverkeeper Engagement Manager Greg Nance is on a journey to paddle all 305 miles of the Catawba and Wateree Rivers over the course of the year!

Dubbed the Catawba Quest, Greg’s journey will take him from the source of the Catawba River in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina all the way to the end of the Wateree River at its confluence with the Santee River.

Throughout his journey, Greg will document the River through photos and videos. He’ll log the trash and pollution he isn’t able to clean up while on they River so that the Catawba Riverkeeper team can investigate the issues. Greg will collect water samples from each of the different parts of the River that he paddles. He’ll also share his experience through vlogs and social media posts.

The Catawba Quest is broken down into 21 legs. Greg started on New Years Day and will continue throughout the year. Some paddles will be solo, some with the Polar Paddlers Club (invitation only during this pilot year), and some paddles will be open to the public to join Greg. Stay tuned for opportunities to get involved.

You can support the Catawba Quest by making a donation here! Your gift helps the Catawba Riverkeeper team with on-the-water monitoring and investigations on all 305 miles of our River.

Catawba Quest Route & Map

About Greg Nance
Greg is an expert paddler with more than a decade of experience exploring rivers and creeks across the southeast and as far west as the Grand Canyon. At Catawba Riverkeeper, Greg manages our kayak rental operationsecotours, paddling instruction programs, and other on-the-water activities. Greg also works closely with the Education team to provide on-the-water activities for educational programs. Additionally, Greg is responsible for management of Catawba Riverkeeper’s clean-up programs.