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By John Searby, Executive Director              Since coming to Catawba Riverkeeper a little over two years ago, I have had the amazing opportunity to learn so many new and interesting things about our river basin, theContinue reading

By Catawba Riverkeeper Brandon Jones Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) are dense blooms of toxin producing cyanobacteria capable of harming humans and warm blooded animals (usually dogs or livestock). They are increasing in frequency across theContinue reading

By Brandon Jones, Catawba Riverkeeper On November 12th, heavy rainfall across the basin resulted in record flooding, property damage, and fatalities. Parts of the basin experienced similar flooding in February of this year and inContinue reading

Since the February 6 storm dropped almost half a foot of rain on the upper Catawba basin, we have received numerous calls about the color and clarity of Lake Norman. Long time residents told usContinue reading

Have you heard the news? Three “Litter Gitters” have been installed on local creeks in Charlotte! These trash collecting devices by the Osprey Initiative, are keeping trash from going further downstream into our lakes, rivers,Continue reading