H2O: Hydro Hands On!



H2O: Hydro Hands On! is the Catawba Riverkeeper Foundation’s educational programming to explore how and why water is used in the Catawba river basin. The goal of H2O is to encourage environmental stewardship to promote the preservation of the 225-mile-long Catawba River and her lakes, streams, and creeks 

The Catawba River has been labeled one of the most endangered rivers by American Rivers groupBy incorporating a service learning component in every program (Power Clean) Catawba Riverkeeper shows the positive impact humans can have on their environment. By informing people and engaging them with the Catawba River we hope for more mindful choices and thoughtful actions to become a solution.  

Programs Offered

Catawba Rivekeeper currently offers the following educational programs: 

Beaver Tales: Students will investigate how and why beavers build dams and change the course of rivers, then compare how and why humans do the same to meet the needs of millions of residents in the Catawba river basin. 

Incredible Journey: Students will explore the water cycle and learn how the power of the sun energizes the entire process.  As an imaginary rain drop, students will get a front row seat to how water is used by plants, animals, people, and industries in the Catawba river basin. 

People of the River: The Catawba River has been around longer than all of us and will be here long after we are gone. We will learn from whom the river got its name as well as how the river has been used to grow the civilizations that have settled and developed its banks. 

Pastures & Parking Lots: Students will explore the connections between runoff on land from different pervious and impervious surfaces.  They will find out what can be done to improve the water quality of the Catawba River from runoff in areas like pastures and parking lots.  

Food Web in the Catawba: Ever wondered if everything is connected?  We will explore the connections that aquatic (and some terrestrial) plants and animals have to each other and find out who eats what for lunch! 

Can I Drink It?: Students will discuss water quality and the science behind how we get drinking water from the Catawba River and where it goes after we use it. Student will begin the exploration by testing their own water samples from the Catawba River. 

Power Clean: Students will get first-hand knowledge of a major pollutant that negatively affects the Catawba River; Trash.  During this service learning opportunity, students will learn about and interact with the Catawba River by cleaning it up in order to see the positive impact they can each have on the river. 

Coming Spring 2020: 

  • Freshwater Plankton Lab 
  • Riverine Fish Dissection 
  • Teen Riverkeeper  

More Information

To learn more about any of our educational programs or to schedule a program for your class or group, contact Haley Tedder, Program Director at haley@catawbariverkeeper.org or 704-679-9494.

All programs are offered on a per student fee schedule. Fees vary based on program size, # of students, and total programs booked. Some scholarships are available upon request.

Youth Paddling Programs

If you are interested in a youth paddling program, these can be done as stand alone activities or as an add on to any of our H2O programs. Youth paddling programs are available year round for groups up to 30. For more information about Youth Paddling Programs, contact Haley Tedder, Program Director at haley@catawbariverkeeper.org or 704-679-9494