What’s a Litter Gitter?

A Litter Gitter is a tactical in-stream litter collection device, made by Osprey Initiative, used to intercept floating litter from stormwater runoff.

They look like this:

When it rains, litter and other types of pollution that harm aquatic life and degrade water quality runoff intro creeks through storm drains. Polluted stormwater runoff is the leading cause of pollution in our surface waters.

In February 2020, three Litter Gitters were installed on Charlotte streams thanks to a partnership between Osprey Initiative, Coca-Cola Consolidated, Envision Charlotte, the City of Charlotte, and Mecklenburg County.

Catawba Riverkeeper crew members maintain these Litter Gitters with financial support from Osprey Initiative. After every rain event, the Litter Gitters are cleaned out. The crew collects data to track sources and solutions and recycles as much as possible.

Become a Litter Gitter Crew Member!

If you are interested in becoming a crew member email Greg Nance to request a Litter Gitter Crew Application (greg@catawbariverkeeper.org). The job pays $12.00 per hour. The schedule is based around the weather. After it has been determined the Litter Gitters are ready for cleaning an email will be sent to the entire team notifying them of the time, location, and date of the job. The first to respond get the shift for the day. You must complete a participation waiver and W-9.


As of November 2020 – The Litter Gitters have collected about 3,000 pounds of trash, mostly plastic. About have of that has been recycled.