Repeal Restrictive Stormwater Management Legislation

We are encouraging all members of Catawba Riverkeeper Foundation and friends of North Carolina’s rivers to ask your current elected officials to repeal section 26(b) of Senate Bill 469. This law prohibits municipalities from placing stronger regulations for stormwater management than the state standards, even if local conditions show that increased standards would improve the quality of our creeks, streams, and rivers OR mitigate the damage done by rapid development in our growing metro areas around the state. If they DO NOT support this bill’s repeal, you should take that into consideration when you vote in November.

If you want more information, read about the law here and here.

Look up your NC representatives here.

Copy and paste the text below and send emails or letters to your representatives to get this law repealed so that our local needs can be met and our state’s rivers can be protected.


Dear [Senator or Representative XXXX],

I’m writing to ask if you support the repeal of section 26(b) of SL 2018-145. This provision prevents municipalities from requiring that redevelopment meet current stormwater ordinances. In effect this means that existing runoff from parking lots, shopping centers, and other large developments that is causing pollution and flooding will continue indefinitely. The state has removed one of the most effective tools for improving water quality in urban areas with this provision. In the City of Charlotte alone, this law has already prevented 10 million dollars of investment in stormwater infrastructure and mitigation. Raleigh is preventing local municipalities from improving the very water quality they depend on for drinking and recreation. I would appreciate a response to whether or not you would support the repeal of this section of this bill to protect our state’s waterways.

Thank you from a citizen concerned about the quality of our water.


Your Name