Above all else, CRF strives to ensure clean, plentiful and affordable water for future generations in the Catawba River Basin.

Keeping the River

The primary strategy for protecting the River is the Catawba RIVERKEEPER® program. Utilizing enforcement resources, fieldwork, and citizen action, CRF works to make the Catawba River drinkable, swimmable and fishable.

The Catawba RIVERKEEPER® program is led by RIVERKEEPER® Brandon Jones, who is responsible for patrols (via boat, kayak, car, or airplane), technical tests (water quality/sediment tests and fish tissue sampling), and training.

Lake and Stream Cleanups

You can help improve the quality of the Catawba River by participating in a lake or stream cleanup. CRF’s staff and volunteers organize large cleanups called Riversweeps on the major lakes in the basin as well as tributary creek cleanups with smaller groups.  If you are interested in participating in a cleanup, visit our Volunteer page for more information.

Water Watchers and Covekeepers

CRF relies on a network of trained volunteers to act as the eyes, ears, and voice of the Catawba River. Throughout the year, the Riverkeeper leads a six-hour Water Watcher training course in which participants learn how to identify, document and report pollution. Some Water Watchers also act as Covekeepers – volunteers who patrol specific zones on the major lakes. Covekeepers typically meet monthly to learn about current river issues and discuss basin news. Check our Events page for a Covekeeper meeting near you. Meetings are open to the public and usually include guest speakers.

Protecting the River: News & Updates

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