Swim Guide

Is it safe to swim here? That’s one of the most common questions Riverkeepers get during the summer. To help empower you to decide if an area is safe for swimming, the Catawba Riverkeeper Foundation (CRF) launching a Swim Guide program in 2019.

Each week from Memorial Day to Labor Day, CRF will collect samples at popular swimming sites to test for E. coli. Results will be posted on Fridays, so you’ll be informed for the weekend.

Results will be shared on the national Swim Guide map and will follow a stoplight system to help you easily understand results. Locations that come back with high amounts of E. coli will be marked red.

Thank you 2019 sponsors!


Pamela Manley

Sponsor a site in 2020!

You can cover the costs of sampling one site each week during the summer for $500. Or, sponsor an entire lake for $5,000.