Explore the Catawba-Wateree River basin!

Catawba Riverkeeper offers guided paddles and hikes throughout the year. Most public Eco-Tours are designed for intermediate paddlers and hikers and participants are required to bring their own gear. Beginners without their own boats are encouraged to look into our kayak rental programs and Thursday evening paddle series.

See the 2021 Eco-Tour calendar below. Scroll down for information about booking a private eco-tour for your group.

2021 Eco-Tour Calendar

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Book a private eco-tour for your group!

Come explore the Catawba-Wateree River basin! With a variety of options to fit your needs, an Eco-Tour with a guide from the Catawba Riverkeeper is a great choice for anyone and everyone. From corporate groups booking an outdoor excursion to a gathering of friends, there is an Eco-Tour to fit what you’re looking for.

Dates are limited on Saturdays/Sundays in the summer.

Guided Hike

 2-3 hours • $15 per person • 10 person minimum

Join us on a guided hike through the Catawba River Basin location of your choice. With the basin covering parts of North and South Carolina, we have a hike that will fit your needs. The guide will provide information about safety on the trail, along with a tour of the natural habitats and their inhabitants as well as historical significance along the hike.

We aim to provide your group with the best experience possible and can accommodate larger groups with multiple guides for an equal experience by all attendees.  

Guided Paddle

  2-3 hours • $40 per person • 10 – 20 people* • Gear Provided

Join us on a guided paddle on the portion of the Catawba River of your choice. With over 220 miles of river, plus it’s lakes and tributaries, we have a spot for you! Open to all levels of experience, each tour will contain kayak instruction and then we will set out on an adventure. Which will include historical and naturalist information about the River along the way!

Combo Hike and Paddle

Full Day: 4+ hours • $50** per person • 10 – 20* people • Gear Provided

Join us on a guided paddle and hike! Expect to spend a full day with the Catawba Riverkeeper as we set out on an Eco-Tour that includes a guided paddle and hike within the basin. Learn about native ecosystems and the history of the area from the water and on land.

Transitioning from the paddle location to the hiking trail may require personal transportation based on the chosen location.

Locations are chosen based on overall group ability and comfort with the activity, as well as preferred travel distance, and in some cases group size. We have multiple locations throughout the basin we conduct these excursions from and want to make it amenable to your group!

Contact us today to book an Eco-Tour!

Tours are booked with Greg Nance (greg@catawbariverkeeper.org or 704-679-9494 ext. 8).

Please provide group size, overall comfort level of your group with the chosen activity, and a preferred location or suggested area in the basin your group would like to travel to. If you’re not sure exactly what you want, then let us know and we can provide a variety of suggestions based on your needs.